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Internet connectivity
Compatibility with MS Packages like Word, Excel, PPT
Adobe reader and convertor
CAmera Quality

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I wasn't so sure which version of ipad 2 you wanted cause there's the wifi, 3g n the cdma version but i tend to favour anything with android these days, mainly for the upgradability so i would pick the galaxy tab.

Then again am biased,so head over to www.gsmarena.com and look for the "compare" tab button and then just search your two tablets and the site will list them both side by side according to their spec's then you can make your more informed choice.
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personally, i prefer the tab as i can make voice calls with it. ipad you cannot do so though its ahs the best UI i have ever seen(experienced). the Tab is more like an over sized cell phone - the ipad functions plus my SEX10i all in one!
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Do you want to buy a new  tab ? In my point of view, Samsung  galaxy  10.1 is better than ipad 2 .  Note: unlocked tab are very expensive . Better, you can buy a carrier locked tab and unlock it from any of the online vendors like  Simpleunlocking.com  to unlock it .

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If you are classy you will definately pick the Ipad 2 preferable GSM version as it also supports WiFi. Applications you cant really judge using those cause in most cases they are compatible in every device ie you can install adobe PDF reader via iTunes for ipad and via Google play for the Samsung tab. Apple store offers many many more applications than the Google store.Im not sure which Android version the tab runs but i know Ipad 2 runs ios 6.1.3 and pretty soon it will be supporting ios 7 as soon as the full version is released. ios 7 is a bomb i tell you. Watch the space. Verdict they are both good.. Nothing much to separate these two except your choice, whether you want the ios or Android otherwise in terms of specs its a draw.
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