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I had a conversation (text chat) with someone some time back and they gave me some interesting pointers on what I should do in business and how to grow my social media presence.

Sadly, I can't seem to remember which of my contacts exactly this conversation was with, but I am in eager need of the details of the tips and tricks.

Is there a way for me to search my chats using specific keywords? If so, how do I do it? Is there a separate app that I have to download? Is it free or I have to pay for it?

Thanks for all your help.

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no app needed although some IM clients like Trilian make it easier (but wont work retrospective of the chat)

windows: select the conversation with your contact - then press ctrl - f - and type in your search terms

mac is same but keyboard short cut is cmd -f

i note that skype conversation history searching isnt that great so you might need to do some scrolling around
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In addition to Anthony's answer, you may wish to review this link, while it is still active: http://shop.skype.com/apps/Chat-history-management/index.html.  

If you use Skype for Windows, you can use our RecollX Professional product until the Skype API is removed.  Our product enables full Skype history archiving, full-text indexed keyword search across all IM conversations and the ability to export.  The search engine in RecollX based on the open source Apache Lucene search engine, which provides very fast and powerful search capabilities.  http://www.recollx.com

Unfortunately Skype has recently made a decision to remove the Desktop API/Public API by the end of the year and this will cause all Skype third party products using these APIs to stop working for versions of Skype released in 2014.  https://aragonresearch.com/microsoft-kills-skype-desktop-apis-leaves-developers-scrambling/

To learn more, you may wish to review this Skype FAQ entry: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA12349/skype-says-my-application-will-stop-working-with-skype-in-december-2013-why-is-that.

What will happen with RecollX when Skype removes the API?  It will cease to work with newer versions of Skype released in 2014.  At least that is the case unless Skype/Microsoft reverse their decision, which is unlikely unless it causes very significant and underestimated pain for their customers.  Here is our FAQ entry: http://www.recollx.com/faq/how-will-skypes-desktop-api-announcement-impact-recollx/.

If you would like to use RecollX Professional until Skype pulls the plug, please go to the RecollX website and use the contact us form to request a free registration key.  This is not an advertized offer.  Please put in the message that you saw this message on the TECHZiM site.

Greg Bell
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