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asked in ICT Services by Guru (90.8k points)
What colleges or learning institutions are offering computer programming in Zimbabwe? Are they online or do they have sit-in classes?

What languages are available? C+, C++, Java, PHP, .Net? How much does it cost (or do they have a website where I can get this information from freely)?

What level of education do I need to have had? O'Levels?

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You can do programming courses with your O-Levels. In Harare there's McMaine School of computing and there's also NITT or something like that along King George Ave, after Avondale Primary going away from town.

UZ also has certificate courses for php, MySQL. Not to sure about what's available in Bulawayo. There may be short courses offered by the Polytechnic colleges.

Classroom learning offers a foundation. The real learning is by experience by building something yourself. if you have good internet Google the likes of Khan academy etc
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Im sure NUST offers the lessons, and the level of education you should have or had is A'levels in sciences.
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Dude you just need to download tutorials and compilers to begin
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For the love of God, computer programming is an art. You do not learn it overnight. Get these three books by Googling them up. They are all you need. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs free from MIT Press; The C Programming Language not-free-but-critical by R & K; The Art of Computer Programming by Knuth. If you cannot go through any of these three books until you finish them, go find a better career or hobby. These are just the most basic you can ever get. However, if you do manage to win through then attend Data Structures, Algorithms, Compilers, Databases and Operating Systems classes at a non-Java school.
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ZMC Training is a professionally managed and substantially ´╗┐profitable company & college with experience of teaching/ tutoring hundreds of students in . We teach you how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript & Processing JS, or learn how to create computer programs using Java, C, C# & C++. You can share whatever you create, explore what others have created and learn from each other!.

Contact Details:
ZMC ICT Solutions
143 Nelson Mandela Rd
Cnr 7th Ave
04-707 333
+263 773 295 361
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There should be some video tutorials on computer programming on YouTube.

I've also found some web developing courses on Udemy. Of course, they are not free.

Here are also some online teaching platforms for your reference. Hope you can find some free sources.
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Download the application SoloLearn ... thank me later
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