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I would like to learn how to "do" social media to the extent whereby I can offer my services for various companies and individuals.

With the sharp rise in the number of Facebook and Twitter profiles, added to the use of WhatsApp and a bit of YouTube, there is a need for one to learn the ins and outs so that they can offer the services at the highest standards.

Are there any institutions that offer training in the handling of social media? Are there websites? Colleges?

Will they train me how to post, what to post, when to post and other top tips and tricks that will allow me to get ahead of my game.

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You are looking for something along the lines of Social Media Marketing.

Remember, social media is a tool. It might suit you better if you do a more generic course like Marketing (which will include Social Media as  a module).

For social media specific courses, you will only get short courses like this one: http://www.getsmarter.co.za/uct-social-media-short-course

I would also recommend googling for tutorials like this one: http://www.wordstream.com/social-media-marketing
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