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Is there a way i can Have my IP address be seen as not being in Zimbabwe.

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The problem you are encountering has nothing to do with your IP address (from my past experience).

It is more to do with the websites that you are trying to buy from as using PayPal as their acceptor of payments. Yes, you will not be making a PayPal payment but  because PayPal will be processing the Visa and/or Master Card payment, they do not recognise payments from Zimbabwe which is currently under "sanctions".

You can use http://torproject.org to hide your IP address (or rather, appear to be in another country), and let us know if you have any sucess.
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What error  are you getting when you use your card???
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You can try using proxy sites to access the website. This does not work with all websites though. One proxy site you can use is hidemyass.com
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Depends what website you're on. A number of websites that reject cards from Zimbabwe do not base the rejections on your I.P address, but your card has that information.
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