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I want to make a back up of all my music and videos. Cloud is highly priced and may not last for ever, and if I use a hard drive last time I lost 320GB on one. What other options are available?

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Magnetic tape my brother, nothing beats it!!!

Im recovering data from tapes written in 1962.
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...@Mac.... I haven't used magnetic tapes, are they a cheaper option as compared to DVD's and the Blu Rays?
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only thing with magnetic is that you do have to consider how you store them - magnetic tape is susceptible to the obvious... magnets so you cant just leave them on top of your speaker... that said you should be storing backups safely and securely anyway

oh and tape drives aint cheap either
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and mac is referring to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tape_drive these not the standard tape cassettes you put in walkmans 20 years ago
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Its the same with hard disk Anthony. If you want to wipe them clean jus run them thru a scanner or magnet.
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agreed but not SSD's though
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Sounds like a pretty good idea. McDonald.
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Another option is blu-ray discs. If you can arrange to bring them in from south (i can't seem to find local prices), you can get an internal drive for about R1000 and 25GBx10 blanks for R230.
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I dont think thats a good idea for long term backup.
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multiple hard drives - Actually SSD's tend to be better in this sense because no moving parts means no mechanical failure and if you use the SSD for purely backup purposes - the limited reads/writes you do will mean that the device will normally outlast the usefulness of the backup

if you can spend the time uploading - Amazon S3/Glacier is very cheap compared to the likes of dropbox - however its very much a manual process to backup unless you can find/configure some of the commonly available tools
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Uploading is out as the speeds we have here are terrible. Use SSD, Flash Disks or DVDs(You have to have loads of DVDs).
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Use the backup software - easeus todo backup home
: http://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm
Support Smart Backup, especially useful when you have some frequently changed database files, or a shared folder updated by all internal users (create backup from local side). it can help you creates multiple backup points every day and allow you recover to any of them or even roll-back to past days.
What image type it creates every time

If this question concerns you, easeus provide full, incremental and differential before reading the next paragraph.
The first image of Smart Backup will be always Full, and every 7 days, there will be a new full image created at the beginning of that day.
All other days will start with a differential image file.

The rest image files on every valid day will be incremental backups. If the computer powers off or becomes malfunction, then it will be seen as an invalid day and no image files is going to be created on that day.

How to handle with the old image files

To avoid filling up the destination space, Smart Backup deletes old image files with the following rules.

1. All the incremental image files built on yesterday will be removed after today’s first image file created.
2. There will be 6 differential image files at most. That means the first differential image file will be deleted after the 7th one created.
3. There will be 2 full image files at most. It limits that the oldest day you can turn back to will be nearly 15 days.
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