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Web hosting is it better locally or having an international co host your website.
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What do you mean by better? Cost? Reliability? Support? etc.. Either way, it will go down to comparing companies rather than local/intl (unless you are looking for something specific)
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get two domains, one locally hosted one international, when either link fails one is always up.

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better in the sense are you referring to cost,reliability? If so its all depends upon the provider you choose....Choosing the wrong company to host your website can cost you time and money. When I first started building websites I relied on reviews from other website as guidance.
A few web hosts that were high on “top 10″ lists turned out to be terrible.
Whenever you choose a hosting provider,be aware that provider is trustworthy and whether they provide good technical support.Please don't go by ads.I have over 10 years of experience managing my own sites with several different web hosting companies, as well as managing sites for clients on various web hosts.By my personal experience i will suggest you a site they are indeed doing good service in hosting http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_hosting they provide excellent customer service and support.
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assuming this is not just a "hosting" question

it depends on your content and market

if you intend to only target the zim/southern africa market then there are obvious gains to host the content locally - the main one being in most cases the pages will load faster because ISP's wont have to send the connection through there often limited international pipes

Google prioritises local content where possible - it shouldn't to my knowledge penalize you though if you host it internationally

if you want to reach a global audience then an international host may be better placed to give better overall connectivity to the world than a local host might offer - this is because your international links have to fight with consumer traffic as well as website traffic and its a bigger problem when the pipes are more limited than say in Europe
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Most of the web hosting provider are available in the market. I would suggest you Go4hosting is the best web hosting provider locally and internationally.
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I recommend host your website locally because if you host your site in a particular area, it will help your website to perform better in that area from SEO point of view. Hosting your website internationally is not a bad idea but I shared my own views. For web hosting services check: http://www.go4hosting.net/services/dedicated-server-hosting
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