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Where are you trying to guard hacking from at home or at work ?

1.) use a strong password.
2.)Get a good Internet Security Suite that has a real time scanner for viruses, worms and any malicious code.
3.)Activate the firewall of the internet security suite.
4.)Disable Autorun on all media. Activate an the end point security suite. Activate Malware / Phishing Filter.
5.)Use a secure webmail site with SSL encryption. if you are using Outlook or any other mail delivery agent make sure your incoming and outgoing mail servers are using encryption. If they are not then chances are you can be hacked anytime.

At work  follow 1 2 3 4 5 too or ask your outsourced help desk or the IT guy.

FYI Never trust using public or shared computers to access any of your important data i.e. emails, social networks, internet banking etc. Subscribe and get your own internet package that suits your needs and invest in a personal computer that you can use and never abuse.

There are so many risks associated in using a shared computer that may leave you vulnerable. There are keyloggers that can be put on the input devices such as keyboards to record every character entered and thus every username and every password :-)
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