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I am looking for advice on starting an Internet Service Provider business especially the regulatory compliance issues and the equipment to buy? I would appreciate any kind of advice, all is useful. We have the capital and we want to register the business and project on capital expenditure requirements. Thank you.

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if cash is no problem, then your next stop is POTRAZ for regulations. When all regulations and licence issue have been cleared, the actuall fun begins.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Prepare for your business. On this, you need to look into you business model. You need to gather facts about your intended customers, your competitors and your future growth. You need to look into your customer expectations and see how you can reach realistic goals.

2. You need to plan for your business. This is where technical goals start to kick in. Some answers are needed like: How are you going to start your ISP services eg are you going to require public or private ip addresses and BGP AS numbers. This is mainly affected by your growth predictions like do you want to start on small scale then expand, if so you can use both private bgp AS number and private ip addresses then everything will be handled by your upstream ISP.

3. Also look into designing your network. Since its a new network, you need to look into the equipment you need to buy in accordance with your customer needs and future growth projections. Best practises recommends a top down, hierachical network design. What services you intend to offer based on your plan greatly affects you design and equipment required. Most modern network designs offer vpn services through mpls newtork. You also need to look into hiring of staff, building locations, call centre locations etc and how all this is gona be interconnected. Also the network will need to be documented and site, locations, physical and logical maps drawn.

4. Inline with design guidelines, the newtwork will now need to be implemented. Project managers can now give you a rough estimate of how long it is going to take for the network to be up and running. Hardware now need to be bought and tested, more of provisioning. Network prototypes are implemented to correct  mistakes and redesigns proposed if neccessary. The newtwork robustness is also tested and observed. This will also means the network can be live.

5. After the network have implemented, it needs to be operated. This involves the NOC staff involved. Daily maintanance is carried out as well as security monitoring. Troubleshooting and helping customers in there everyday issues. This ca n give opportunity for good customer relations and advertising new services.

6. Because the network is working fine doesnt mean you should relax. It needs optimisation. When your customer base begins to grow, so is the bandwidth requirements. QoS have to utilised with other tools.

7. As time goes, your equipment will age so needs to be retired and new equipment brought in.
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