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how do i post my ads on zim open markert on facebook

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Generally to put ads on facebook follow the following steps

1.Open a browser and navigate to the Facebook.com homepage. Click the "Create a Page" link, below the "Sign Up" link, then click "Advertising" at the bottom of the screen.

Click "Create an Ad." Fill in the requested details, including your business Web page, and provide a photo ad that you want displayed. Click "Continue."

Provide the requested information on your target audience, including age, location and interests. Click "Continue" when you are finished.

Fill in your advertising budget information. You can set the maximum amount that you want to spend on your Facebook advertising campaign each day. You will only be charged for people who click on your ad. Facebook will tell you the "bid" for the cost per click. For example, you may be charged $1.56 for each user who clicks on your advertisement. Click "Review Ad" when you are finished.

Log in to your Facebook account. If you do not have an account, click "Sign Up Now!" to create an account.

Click "Place Order" to submit your ad to Facebook for review. You can also click "Edit Ad" to make changes to the ad before submitting it. You can enter your payment information once your ad has been accepted by Facebook.
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