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Is it true that if AVG does not get its virus definition file updated it turns villain. i had my computer giving headaches and got this as advice uninstalled got speed back.

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8. Install anti-virus software and keep it current. Today, anti-virus (AV) software is an absolute must. There are many from which to choose at the software store, but there are free AV solutions that do a very good job, too. Three popular free AV solutions are Avast!, AVG, and Avira AntiVir. All include regular "virus definition" file updates that allow the AV program to detect and protect from the latest virii being released. Note that while installing antivirus software actually slows down your computer, it does not slow it down as much as a virus does. Install an Ad Blocker; it not only prevents malware sites, but also reduces temp disk space for the browser by about 30% by not downloading advertising.

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