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in Mobile by Guru (26k points)
I haven’t used an htc phone before, and I want to buy one therefore I just want to know how good are these htc phones as compared to other phones, like sony ericsson, samsung, iphone, nokia..etc.

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4 Answers

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htc phones are good actually, hardware wise, feels really premium. htc One is a killer phone with high-end specs, see http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_one-5313.php. The sound output is really powerful and you will enjoy it. I have used it for a while, no problems except the weird camera and unimpressive Sense 5 UI.
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These days HTC has got 2 variations. The windows Phone and the Android one. Id say go for the Android version as the operating system is very very flexible.... You will fall in love with the interface. The general feel of the HTC phone is quite impressive. Looks are good and i guess you will love its all round perfomance.
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they are good if not excellent when it design and looks, they really go an extra mile in making their products to be of premium quality. When it comes to the OS and UX, i dont have anything nice to say so i'll just reserve my opinion.
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Very good phones actually, good finishing. Pcadvisor ranks HTC  above Samsung but http://techland.time.com ranks HTC a point from Samsung. it should be so good to be this close.
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