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I need to buy a laptop and I don’t know what features that I should consider.  I need your valuable inputs about the Laptop to buy,

Which one is the best Brand?
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This would depend on wt u want to do wth ur laptop. I mean there is a difference wth a computer mainly for games & that 1 thats jst for creating docs, surely if its for games them it has to hv a good big size ram, processor-> things like that.

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The best machine really depends on what you intend to use it for. Basic word processing and web surfing, design work and content creation or high end gaming; all these things will require various combinations of processing power, memory, battery life, size, portability, connectivity etc. Define what you want to do with it and you will be halfway there.

Next major concern would be whether you can fit those needs within your budget. If money is no object, great, but if your funds are limited you will have to find the best compromise.

When it comes to brands, I'd advise you keep an open mind. The major brands usually have more consistent quality and better support but even smaller companies now rarely produce truly rubbish machines. Just about every manufacturer will have a wide spectrum of quality and performance within their model line ups beyond the general subjective perceptions about the brand. In this regard, google is your friend! Find reviews and known issues on the models you are interested in and make comparisons

These articles should help you zero in on what to look for in a laptop. Opinions may differ on some points but the basics remain the same:
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Thank you for answering.
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i think u should buy an apple laptop coz it efficient
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