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I  decided to test the limits of a PC which can be fast bt at the same time available for use in production environment. If lm successful then l can build more.

Minimum specs;

Ssd disks

At least 196gig ram.

Server class cpu

Fibre nic at least 10gig

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Any Intel® Xeon® processor will be a good CPU for you or the Intel® Itanium® 9500 processor series. These are for mission critical servers and and i am sure they will be way too big and comfortable for your needs. You can couple it with the SFP+ cards. Better get a cheaper Intel X520 DA2 Fiber Optic Card 2-port 10Gb. For your fiber NIC's if you want more then go for any QFSP from any vendor of your choice. Ultimately if $ is not an issue then you can have your infiniband in there and you will enjoy. You are talking of extremely mission critical machines with the above specs. I would recommend that for ZSE or Civil Aviation Authority or the ZINARA or ZIMRA servers etc. As a hobby i bet building a machine of these specs will hurt your pocket slightly if you happen to have more or profusely if you are like me :-)

SSD Disks for a production machine ? What is the use of this machine ? What OS are you going to run ? I would simple shuff in a RAiD 5 or 6 array and enjoy. SSD will limit your maximum disk sizes and they are white elephants.
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nothing wrong with SSD's if you buy the high-end models - also avoid putting them in RAID arrays unless used for Tiering because the limited SSD write life time will kill you when all the disks fail at once - this is a massive issue particularly in raid levels that utilise parity (Raid 4, 5, 6 and there variants)
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