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Contact your mobile Network Operator to remove the "SERVICE PROVIDER LOCKS" sim lock for you, that is if it's allowed according to the dial plan you subscribed for.

f your dial plan says the phone is yours then you can contact the nearest sumsung "samsung" dealer(s) or repair centre to assist you.

There are unlock codes used to remove such but i am afraid i can not help you to break the Terms & Conditions of your agreement with your mobile network operator.


A:The fact that it's sim locked means it's not allowed to use other SIMS besides your service providers sims or original sim.If it's the origanal sim that it wants then chances are "you're holding a phonenapped somewhere else".   

A: If not then contact the service provider and they will unlock it for you "usually for free or at a small cost cheaper than the men on the street".

NB: You have to be careful when unlocking the handset because sumsung's "SAMSUNGS" have a test point for all service configs & if done by a novice & not the certified service personnel this procedure results in a bricked phone "DEAD USELESS PHONE".

Contacting a reputable samsung center is the best way to go, if they brick your phone you will probably get a replacement & since most companies are insured then it means you're covered.
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You can remove your sim lock using codes.I found an unlocking service for your mobile at http://www.simpleunlocking.com/  .You can use this and unlock your mobile easily.
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