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1.    Questions that are too general on the information they seek. So much that no answer can be useful enough to people that find the answer later. e.g. “My laptop is frozen how do I fix it?” What laptop, what operating system. “My Windows laptop freezes soon after login / after two hours of use / when I open Word” etc…  
In such cases, the community can help the asker clarify by adding comments to the question. But where the asker then just ignores these comments, the question can eventually be removed. It’s an even worse scenario when a person asks a too general question and then provides a too general answer themselves.
2.    The extreme opposite of asking questions that are too specific to the point they are not useful to anyone else beyond the asker is also not good. E.g. “How can get my Gtel A7000 to update automatically.” Rather say “How do I get my Gtel phone to receive automatic updates”  The difference being that most people will not know what an A7000 is, and that the answer may actually be useful to a bigger audience of mobile users who will however not identify with “GTel A7000”
3.    Questions that don’t seek information. Examples are when someone just shares a link. E.g.
Question: World Record 100Gbps Wireless Data Transmission Set
Detail: I wonder if ever Zimbabwe will ever reach these speeds. http://www.geek.com/chips/100gbps-wireless-data-transmission-world-record-set-1573963/


Question: IOS7 being released Today
Detail: To all IOS fanatics..
OFFICIAL IOS 7 download links going live today at around 7pm CAT,
Stay tuned for download links:
Instead of just saying you wonder if Zimbabwe will ever reach speeds reference in a link. Briefly talk about the speeds in question, where they are being achieved and what the impact on ordinary users has been. Then compare it to Zimbabwe with information about the Zimbabwe situation so everyone can understand your concern. The platform is a knowledge platform, not a link sharing website. If not a literal question at least it should be a fairly descriptive piece of explaining the development being shared so that it’s useful beyond being a shared link. At the end of the day it’s about value to other users of the site.

4.    Posts so vague question and tied too an event that they are not useful at all beyond the week they happen e.g.

Question: Africom Promotion
Detail: Is Africom Promotion still on? I heard a few guys saying it’s no longer available. Anyone with detailed info?
Question: Can Potraz really do this???
Detail: This is an article from Newsday http://www.newsday.co.zw/2013/07/26/potraz-bans-bulk-smss/
How far true is this???
What Africom promotion?
Can POTRAZ do what? At least be more specific in the question title. Also instead of just posting a link post what the link says at the end and maybe just put the link as a way for people to read more. That way, if the link on the other site changes for whatever reason, the question remains useful.
5.    Insincerity questions. Moderators should feel that a question is a sincere attempt to receive an answer or create reusable information on the site. It is ok to ask and answer yourself but the information should be reusable by other people looking for similar information. Information that is continuously not useful beyond the immediate points game by the user will be moderated.
6.    Questions and answers that  shamelessly promote a brand, company or individual. There’s a different way to promote a brand on the platform.
7.    Questions stolen from other sites. Where moderators detect this and verify it, it’s usually an automatic block on that user.
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true that, will use this platform referring to your guides always.

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i would also add questions that are asking opinions are not good or where answers can be highly subjective - because there is no definitive answer

eg which is best apple or PC?
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i think if that question include someone to describe features of two items,then that question will be beneficial to the community
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