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1.    Questions that encourage our community to EXPLAIN something. It’s better to ask “why” or ask the community to provide information on a certain issue.
2.    Questions with good grammar. If it’s a question then it should have a question mark etc… This makes it easier for community members to spot and answer what they are interested in.
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good guide,thank you for that tzanswers, this platform is the best, i like it.
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Good question is what people understand and they can communicate.

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A good question is one that makes sense not like "Why does the word computer start with a C"....
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a good question is one that has information that may be needed included, and where there generally is only a few Objective answers that are not based solely on personal opinion
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It is a qstn that is very clear n straight to the point.
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Totally agree with you
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Asking questions

Make sure your question is clear. In addition to the main question title, enter some details to ensure people understand exactly what problem you facing or what information you seek.

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When you enter a question, it is recommended that you enter some tags as a way to classify the question for other people to find it easily.

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