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in Computer Hardware by Guru (26.5k points)
most people prefer DELL to HP laptops,i have been using an HP laptop ever since i started my tertiary education,and now want to change,is there a big difference between the two machines,can the difference be strong push factor for me to change.

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Different reasons from cost to importing to the features on them. I suggest you compare laptops with almost similar features. Example, fingerprint reader will increase the cost or a built in 3G modem or even wifi hotspot feature. The minor little things you fail to see will make the price jump a little.

Also the Alienware range from Dell is super expensive as they are gaming machines (laptops and computers), eg you pay up to R80 000/$8 000 for an i7 Alienware laptop. Nice toy!
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not forgetting the goodwill that Dell has over other OEMs
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Dell is more durable than HP. That's the best answer. In all aspects. Notice Dell is still more expensive when it comes with no OS on it? That's just how good the hardware is.
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so its about the material used to develop those two machines,and that makes dell more durable than hp
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It is because dell has more features compared to hp
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And that dell has more  function and speed dan hp
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