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So it is finally here. For many of us Zimbabweans it has been a long time coming, because I somehow suspect that even BlackBerry users here still can't even access an app that is native to them. I know, it's pathetic, but that's another topic.

So, for those who have managed to download the app, what differences do you see between this two instant messaging app? Have you got enough/many friends that are on BBM to make it work while the data used to download it?

Can someone shed the light on this app and what the benefits are for us to use it over our now tried and trusted free application - WhatsApp?

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It allows privacy by not showing your time online. Also has encrypted messages which we all know can't be penetrated by anyone without the set of keys. Also there is BBM Voice, you can call a person with the same app similar to Viber, but this also allows video and conference calling which can be setup up though only via a BB device.

WhatsApp is a great social application, BBM functionality is supreme in business social
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Yah, I think with that bbm will take a lead.
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Notable differences include their names and the following;

In WhatsApp the check marks mean:

One Check – message successfully delivered to the server.
Two Checks – message successfully delivered to the phone of your chat partner.
THERE IS NO confirmation when your chat partner reads your message (confirmed in their documentation)
This is compared to BBM where: you have four different icons:

Three signal shields – Sending message
Check mark – Message has been sent to server
Check mark with letter D – Message has been delivered to chat partner
Check mark with letter R – Message has been read by chat partner

Its as simple as that. Once again both are useful services though WhatsApp costs a nominal fee a year. Still its an interesting difference. I am wondering if WhatsApp will ever add notification of items being read.
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