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asked in Mobile Apps by Guru (90.8k points)
How can I access the newly release Blackberry application BBM from my laptop or desktop pc? It seem that there is no version for Windows Mobile, Symbian and.or java (.jar or jad) thus far as they have prioritised Blackberry apps, iOS and Android, but the "WhatsApp wanna-be application" (yes I know it was released before WhatsApp but this is new in Zimbabwe).

Having the simplest of phones (not really a feature phone) but I would prefer to access it whilst I am in the office using company facilities (please don't tell the boss)

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2 Answers

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There are rumors that a desktop app is in the works. It is worth mentioning that BBM was the first of its kind and continues to be the best and most secure mobile messaging app in the world. It won't please everyone but it will please the majority of people.
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Get the Android version of BBM, install onto you PC software like bluestacks and rum BBM in it. walla you have BBM on your PC. Just like Whatsapp on PC
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