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Is the unlock code for samsung galaxy s3 specific to a particular phone, if no, why is it like that,

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2 Answers

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NO. Your phone has it's own International Mobile Equipment Identity # which can not match any other phone so the unlock codes are calculated using the algorithm based on the IMEI numbers and these shall never be identical unless if one has reverse engineered their mobile devices and chances of doing this are extremely low.

Thus the unlock codes for a samsung galxy s3 shall not be similar to any other device of the same family or any other device from a different vendor or brand.
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Definitely no !  Carrier unlock code differs from one phone to another phone . If your Samsung Galaxy s3 is locked with any network,. you can get code from any of the online vendors like  http://www.mobile-unlocker.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/rs2wp9/  to unlock it . But, you can't use the same unlock code in any other Samsung models and other phones like Nokia, iPhone, Sony etc . Likewise. other phones  unlocking codes are not used for Samsung Galaxy s3 . Finally, you need to understand that all phones have different unlock codes .
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