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I have a redhat server which is giving problems. It was working fine until l rebooted it. Even startx is not helping.

I have access to it through terminal though.

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Before the gnome or kde went down what changes did you do ?
What are the logs saying ?

Can you type

ONCLI# history |more or

ONCLI# history > /history.txt

and check what you last did as changes that could have affected the system.
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I think it was a failed update. When l finally updated it, it went from 6.2 to kernel  6.4.

Now when l boot into the new kernel, its saying Kernel Panic bla bla bios corrupt.

I rebooted again and boot into old kernel everything seems happy happy now.

I will deal with kernel panic later as l desperately need it for production.
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Oh... Which version of RHEL is this ? Ever since i started using RHEL at version 3 4 5 & now 6 i have never met that issue. I would love it if you can describe how it happened so that i can prepare myself & prevent that from happening in the systems i am managing.
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A client requested redhat enterprise for a data migration(40terbytes) project. We bought an hp380e server.

All the required software was installed and production started. Everything was until about 2days ago when the software froze and l decided to reboot it.

Thats when problem begun. It was booting bt not to gui stage. I ssh into into which worked and checked the /etc/inittab, the run level was set to 5.

I checked the log msg and noticed it was giving up up when it tried to load glx driver l think.

I download and installed the driver thru another pc and rebooted bt still nothing. I then tried updating it and after sorting some conflicting packages all looked good.

Rebooted it and than when it started spraying this kernel panic thing.

I rebooted it againg and pressed esc when grub shows, then chose the older os image and it booted fine.

For now l will work with that.
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Thats some serious staff you talking about
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Lol Castrol!! I believe in talking what l face everyday and ask to share with others. That way we all learn and have reference if something like that happens to yu
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