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asked in Mobile Hardware by Guru (90.6k points)
I am interested to know where I can get cheap second hand mobile devices (that will not have been stolen) here in Zimbabwe? Is Ximex Mall the only place I can get such devices? Is there anyway I can check whether a phone has been stolen or not?
commented by Guru (26.5k points)
can you specify the functions or features you would want it to have.
commented by Guru (26k points)
You can try those guys by Ximax mall or at Gulf complex.

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3 Answers

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answered by new here (480 points)
You could try www.classifieds.co.zw if you are utterly blank,
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answered by Guru (26.2k points)
Ximex or gulf. About not being stolen there are no guarantees
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answered by Expert (11.5k points)
i think u can find those type of phones from people jst ask around , l think its better if u buy your self a new phone who knows e reason y the second   hand phone was sold
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