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iphone 5c is an upgraded version of iphone 5,are the different features they have worthy upgrading it.

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The iPhone 5c either replicated or improved upon the features in its predecessor, the iPhone 5, but there are a few noticeable differences.

First, Apple has replaced the all-aluminum unibody enclosure of the iPhone 5 with a reinforced polycarbonate solution, and the iPhone 5c  also released in five different colors instead of two (black and white), including blue, green, yellow, pink and white.

Inside the shell of the new iPhone 5c, most of the specs look identical to those in the iPhone 5. Running on the same A6 chip, the iPhone 5c features the same 4-inch Retina display, the same 8-megapixel camera with 2.4 aperture and single-LED flash, and also run iOS 7 upon its release.
Apple has improved a few features in the iPhone 5c, including the front-facing FaceTime camera and the phone's battery, and the iPhone 5c also supports 13 LTE bands, which is more than any other current smartphone (besides its cousin, the iPhone 5s).
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Besides colour and addition of C on the Iphone 5C they are more or less the same... For a detailed comparison check this link http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/Apple-iPhone-5c,Apple-iPhone-5/phones/7983,7378%20
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