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I purchased a laptop in Nov 2011 and I downloaded games from internet and they played well with windows 7 Premium. In February 2012 because of this other C.D I wanted to watch in my laptop, my windows crashed. I called someone to repair this laptop then he installed windows 7 ultimate. Since then I started to have problems with this laptop. It’s no longer opening some of the games I downloaded from the internet. It is even slow.

Could this be the drivers’ problem or what?

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One logical explanation is that your laptop might be infected by a virus. have you tried a full scan using yo anti-virus? If it doesnt solve anything i suggest you backup all your data (use DVDs) then you format your machine. Install a fresh copy of windows, Install your antivirus, update all drivers then restore all your data... Im sure this will work. Good Luck!
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I appreciate your answer
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but if the laptop is indeed infected by a virus its most likely that most of his file(backup data) are also infected
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