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I have often seen posts on facebook and gtalk with the note..."on Mobile"....how can i stay online always with my cellphone...and how much would that cost to stay online per day and which networks will i be using...with what type of phone?

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First you need a smartphone or just any feature phne that has internet (3G or GPRS). if you visit a phone dealer they'll explain which ones are "have internet" features. A 3G one is best.

To chat and and do facebook you will need to download an application like fring (http://www.fring.com/), Nimbuzz (http://nimbuzz.com/) or ebuddy(http://www.ebuddy.com/). you just visit any of those sites on your mobile and you'll get a ddownload option. just ownload, install and then add your chat accounts and Facebook and you'l be set.

if you're using Telecel, staying online per day will cost you nothing. If it's Econet, something between 10 and 20 cents per day.
Thanks hey...this will have an astronomical impact on my communication charges
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l will recommend either skype or facebook since they are both joining hands to give people an easy way of keeping in touch
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