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Back in 2006 i bought an Econet line from someone. I used this line for some time and then stopped because i had to travel. i came back a few years later and to my delight the line had not been stopped from functioning. I then started using it and also advanced myself by using the latest "in thing" from Econet which is EcoCash.

All is well so far but what will happen if i happen to lose my line/phone? How will Econet be able to identify me as the sole owner of  this sim card? In their system i am "not  known". I understand they need an affidavit from the previous owner but ey... where in this world will i even begin to look for them?

Isn't there any other option i an use to have my line registered in my name?

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Go to econet, get an affidavit form.  Get a copy of your ID, you Sim Certificate with your pin and puk number and proof of residence.

Fill out as per their instructions and you are done

see below direct from ewz.

"Kindly visit an Econet to change ownership of the line with your ID (original and photocopy), SIM card certificate and proof of residence.
You will be asked to complete an affidavit form, stating the reasons behind the change of line details request. After this has been signed by the Commisioner of Oaths, it is submitted together with the documents listed above. Afterwhich the details of your line may be changed. Thanks Buddie!"
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Thanks #fourwallsinaroom. When i visited their shop they failed to explain it like this though. I was told there is no way i could change ownership without approval from the previous owner. So i lost hope but i kept asking myself what i was to do thereof.

i even thought of purchasing another line but then realised i would lose all the contacts i had.

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Go to ZRP. explain to them about your line transactions. They will ask you to complete an affidavit and will stamp it.
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just to register a line. this is really serious business
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yes.  especially if the line was not in your name in the first place... whats to stop me from stealing your number if such measures are not in place?
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