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in Mobile by Guru (26.5k points)
i want to start using iphone 5 which requires a micro sim card, i have been using a feature phone which  accepts a mini sim card, where can i get it cut in Harare

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3 Answers

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by new here (480 points)
You might not need to cut it, instead walk into your service provider's shop and get a proper replacement MicroSIM. Chances are the price for cutting is not too far from the charged $1 if you were to replace.
On another note, i have seen quite a number of 'cut' SIMs failing afterwards (the explanation to that beats me though, perhaps it has to do with damaged memory locations if not cut properly.)
by Expert (10.1k points)
i got mine cut at a tech shop located corner Angwa and R Mugabe and all for free,i bought a tab from them. I also wanted to convert my other SIM card into micro and like you said,was told by Econet staff that they have micro sim with no need for cutting as they are manufactured to size
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by Guru (26k points)
The best idea is for you to go to your service provider and request for one. I am not too sure if there is any charge.
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by Regular (1.2k points)
Regarding the sim size there are many options like cutting the sim or use the apt sim adapter hardware that is available in the market. If you are going to cut the sim you can get it to a professional or follow the free youtube videos, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6T1Mygucak  available.If you are not comfortable with any of the above you can approach your respective service provider and order for the desired sim size.

Also be sure that the iPhone 5 is not locked with a different network.if it is, then you need to unlock it.To unlock you can approach http://www.onlinegsmunlock.com/apple-iphone-5/rs7wp9/ and get their permanent remote unlock service.
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