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I want to buy second hand phone and I have been advised to go to those guys and I afraid to be played there. Do they offer  the real deals?

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those guys offer bargain deals but at a price sometimes the phone might have a problem. But some times it will be in perfect condition. If you decide to buy from those guys Take Your time to test as much features of the phone as you can...camera speaker mouth piece ear piece Touch Screen Volume buttons. Does it read the Sim And SD card. Has it been opened..
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1.no receipt offered
2.no warranty
3.everyone who feels like selling his or her phone goes there to sell
4.they may lie on the features that would be dead on the cellphone you will be buying
5.there is high possibility of getting a fake item
all the listed reasons above would certainly give you a proper answer that those guys are not reliable,though you can sell that partly dead phone to them and get a better one with cash top up
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Sure, I had never felt any trust with thoseguys.
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Well here is my experience
1.  I have bought and sold more than ten phones in either direction, however all the phones i purchased were in a box with an IMEI number and I would go with an affidavit to be signed by a commissioner of oaths saying I had purchased said phone from xxx with ID number yyyy.

I never ever had any hastles at all with these guys and once when my phone did get stolen even though i only had an affidavit i was able to recover it by going to get a police report, submitting to econet and then waiting.

the used phones i never get, usually they have battery problems etc.  and from time to time the guys are willing to walk with you to gold tech electronics so you can compare prices etc.  The illegitimate dealers will run like fire when you pull out the affidavit.
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Anenyanga ndiye anohwina. Dont expect to get it on a silver platter with those guys. If you can hussle as they do, you will not have a problem getting a great deal.
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Be wise buy from a shop.

Ximex & Gulf complex guys "individuals" outside the shops are either buying from thieves or are the thieves that sell you and steal it away later. Cheaper is dearer. If you can't afford it don't buy it. Cheap phones have a record you can not see or hear until one does KARMA comes knocking on your door. Don't blame evil spirits when it comes to you coz WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

However the ultimate decision is yours. Let's support genuine stores/shops/authorised dealers and so on. Opportunity makes a thief and demand for cheap phones increases the rate of huro work and many other shaddy phone losses.

This is my own opinion based on the fact that a dude who can't pay rent can not manufacture a damn little thing.How come the same dude can sell a 1000USD phone for 390USD is that magic ? Think twice
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