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As we all know that most of mini laptops comes with free DOS, Windows 7 Starter/Basic, no DVD-RW drives & Intel Atom Processor, I want to know if I can do all I do on normal ones.
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a mini laptop is also a normal laptop,which one are you referring to when you say normal laptop

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For starters, mini laptops have less powerful processors, the Intel Atom mostly. This will give you basic processing power, and great battery life. You cannot play any good games, graphics design will be painfully slow (excluding the issue of the tiny screen). The screen resolution does not support Windows 8 Metro apps, not really a big deal, but still, you'll miss out on some of the cool eye candy of Windows 8(.1).
My advice: Rather buy a Windows Tablet if you want a small windows computer, or just buy a normal laptop.
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a mini laptop can do SOME of what a standard laptop can do its only advantage is the weight/size. A mini laptop is just for basic stuff eg opening and editing word document or browsing the net. You can not open 5 tabs while playing musik. You are better of with a laptop
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A mini laptop is really mini.... If you want the best out of it I suggest you install Linux OS it's less resource demanding than windows .....
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You have already highlighted most you cannot do on a mini and still wonder if it can perform the same as a full version. Answer is NO.
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