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Despite how tech savvy you are, there are certain things every one of us has to deal with when using a computer—and we don't always deal with them in the most efficient ways. You should learn to keep your computer fast, safe, and easy to use.

1. how to protect yourself from Viruses

All the windows users have long known the pain of viruses and other malware, but the good news is that they are easy to avoid.  First, you need to learn(or know) the difference between viruses trojans and other kinds of attacks as well as the myths surrounding them.
After that install some good antivirus software to protect yourself. There are many of these and you have to know which of them is best for you. Tis can also apply to your Android phones.
But at the end, the best way to avoid viruses is to use common sense: don't open links that look suspicious, don't install programs from untrusted sources, and if a window pops up saying your computer's infected, make sure it's actually your antivirus software saying that and not a fake web page.
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