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i would like to start developing mobile apps for android phones, which one is the best Framework for me to code on and why do you call your suggestion the best.

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Mobile Apps are developed in different platforms depending with the type of a cellphone you will be developing for; Also remember that every language works well on its specific platforms.
1.   Android SDK  - Android Apps
2.   XCode - iOS Apps
3.   Java Netbean Eclipse - Nokia Apps
4.   Visual Basic and C++(codeblocks is the best) - Windows / Nokia Apps
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well a very good question it all depends  on the app that u are developing for is it a stand alone app or is mobile web app.But if it is a mobile web app  i recommend html 5 ,why u might ask ,becouse html 5 has  rich extensive library for building a mobile web app.which include canvas drawing ,GeoLocation API ,video and audio streaming support,offline web storage etc.like i said it all depends on ur app and wat it is going to be doing.I also recommend u to check out these html 5 mobile web development tools DHTMLX TOUCH,GOOGLE WEB TOOLKIT
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