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When sending email using a TelOne ADSL connection you get the error message that says that the IP address is blacklisted by spamhaus.org . It seems that the IP address is a shared address and even removing it from the blacklist via the wizard on the website it is blacklisted again within hours. Anyone have answers for this?

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The answer is from TelOne. TelOne needs to contact admins at spamhaus.org and ask them to remove there IP address from there spam watching severs.

But TelOne will have to do a lot of house keeping before they contact them. Spamhaus is the defacto leader in mail spam filtering and they do a live monitoring of world wide internet and block ip addresses they deem to be spamming a lot.Every reputable organisation has there email washed at by spamhaus before they get to there email servers.

 So TelOne needs to contact them and prove that they are clean and none of there clients or servers are being used for mass spamming!
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You may just be on the Spamhaus PBL, "a list of dynamic & DHCP IP addresses".  I that case, follow this FAQ:


" TURN ON 'SMTP AUTHENTICATION' " is the answer.  Ask TelOne how to do this.  If not that, you can even remove your own IP from the PBL at the Spamhaus site, if you know what it is.
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