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asked in Web by Guru (26.5k points)
i am developing a website and i have heard people introducing white papers on their websites, what are they for , are they of crucial benefit to be there on the website .

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answered by Guru (26k points)
They are an investment, not a cost. However, they’re not a passive investment that you can simply put out to pasture and forget about. They are multipurpose tools that one must actively wield if you want to get the most bang for his buck.

Here are some of its uses:
•    They are used as website content
•    White papers can used for lead generation
•    They are also used in e-mail marketing campaigns
•    Can be used as presentation/conference hand-outs
•    Also can used as meeting follow-ups
•    Again white papers can be used for investor pitches
•    They can be used as technology briefs for industry analysts
•    White papers, at times are sed as media resources
•    They can be used as core story definitions
•    They acts as records of internal (tribal) knowledge
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