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What is the USSD code that i use to purchase Econet facebook bundles?

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*143# - Will give you two options one for a weekly bundle and another one for a monthly bundle.
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I am still being charged on my data when i use Facebook
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You might need to end all active data sessions either by entering airplane mode, restarting your phone or turning data on and off and then starting again.  I had a similar problem where after I purchased a bundle i needed to switch my phone of and on again!
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Thanks, it worked.
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u can jst dial *143# and select an option that suits u
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Does it have specific times? I have been trying since 5 am but i am not successful
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Dial *143# to purchase
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When companies like Techzim market Econet products like Facebook USSD, they must surely ask simple questions like :
1) How does one deactivate this  USSD on facebook
2) How much does it cost
3) Has it been tested in similar environments
4) Are there limitations - like how much data is in Facebook Lite/Whatsapp Lite
5) What is the maximum(mb's) an intensive user can get from Facebook Lite etc.

#next time when you market products, please remember
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