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Despite how tech savvy you are, there are certain things every one of us has to deal with when using a computer—and we don't always deal with them in the most efficient ways. You should learn to keep their computer fast, safe, and easy to use.of the top 10 simple things that every computer user should know how to do.
6.  Set up a Simple Backup System
It is all known that we should back up our computers. This is, always, one of those things that you'll set up "one day". Doing that only takes minutes to do, though, so you can do it right now and forget about it until you need it—and when you do need it, you'll be glad you set it up. If you are just backing up to an external drive, you can just use the simple tools built in to your computer, like Windows Blackup or Apple’s Time Machine. However, that'll only keep you safe if your computer fails. If you lose your home in a fire, get all your gear stolen, or experience any other kind of disaster (God forbid), you'll have lost all those important documents, family photos, and other files forever. So, we recommend using a service like CrashPlan to back up your computer online. That way, it can back up no matter where you are, and that data will be safe no matter what happens to your hardware.

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