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in Computer Hardware by Guru (26k points)
My friend bought Asus KJ55VJ laptop recently and it has got an aluminium palm rest. When it is on charger you experience a light electric shock all over this aluminium palm rest. The charger does not have an earth pin. It is the 2 pin plug.
Is this the laptop problem or charger? I wanted to know if this is due to my laptop fault or with the power supply.
When you plug the laptop with its charger attached to the socket, its having shock but as soon as you take the chargers plug off the socket it ceases having that electric shock. Does this has any effect to my battery.

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4 Answers

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by Guru (29.5k points)
You could get it checked but we are talking about low voltage here except if your screen is lit by a CCFL lamp which starts and runs with high AC voltage.

To check. Is your Power adapter mains supply plug 2 x pin or 3 x pin.i.e is it connected to Earth/Ground. If not get one that has 3 pins for you laptop.

If it has three pins then it may be you that has a static charge and you are discharging through your laptop if it is metal.
Try to touch some earthed object before getting to your laptop

To sum up I am not trying to make lite of this but there is no voltage in a laptop when touching its metal case except for perhaps some leakage from the florescent lamp that you can feel especially if it is grounded/earthed through the mains plug
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by Guru (26.5k points)
probably the two pin plug is not  illuminated properly, so there might be a short circuiting inside the socket.
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by Guru (26.2k points)
The third pin on a plug is called Earth, which traps leakage current to the ground. The earth pin's purpose is to arrest the leakage current or short circuit current that in the circuit. Since its not there you are acting as the earth taking leakage current through your body to the ground, thus the tingling effect. if you put on hand on the rest when you are totally insulated from the ground you wont get the tingling effect
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by Expert (11.7k points)
It is a problem with the charger. It is very common with cheap low quality chargers were low quality parts are used to isolate the high voltage section from the low voltage section. That charger can be dangerous and can electrocute you. The signal spikes can damage both your computer and battery. Discard that charger and get a new quality charger, it's a small price to pay for your safety and computer longetivity.
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