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In zim i know of harare n' byo, where exactly do u want 2 buy?
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Here is the Manufacturer of " wifi dongle " and "wifi display sharer" for latest product.
We would like to introduce our WiFi display sharer, here are the main features:

Wireless share picture, music, video from Mobilephone,Pad & Notebook to TV/Projector.
 Also can wireless push the multimedia files to TV or projector. Support online video , online game .
1. Compatible with IOS Airplay  , Android Miracast ,Windows WIDI .
2. Use Realtek chip set that performs best among the similar products.
3. P2P connection, No need install any APP. So operation is very friendly.
4. It can work without network.

From small sreen to big screen , enjoy the wireless life.

Your appropriate reply will be more appreciated!
Best Regards
Sales Manager
Lisa Zhu

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Its available all over bulawayo
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may you please be more specific
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Down vote me n c if i care,, kkk check the top ten score line!
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that figures, i could tell from your response that you are all in this for the points and prizes!!...sad!!
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