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Over the last few days I have been trying to optimize my internet connections for different applications

I use the internet for the following:-
1. Video conferencing, video surveillance, remote support and consultancy..(all work really)
2. Downloading software - mainly open source software and necessary regular updates
3.  Streaming from hulu, netflix, tubeplus and one or two others.

Now my setup on all my links bar one is a NAT WAN IP ---> Wireless Router (set to router mode) --> nat Server / Desktop Workstation / Laptop

The exception is pulic ip -> nat -> laptop

An example would be my isp's WAN is my router issues an IP to my laptop that is a

Now on my laptop i have the option to set DNS servers.  On my router I can also set DNS servers.  

1. Which setting overides the other?  The router DNS or Laptop DNS?
2. Is there any advantage to removing the second NAT i.e setting the router to bridge mode
3. Are there any drawbacks or advantages from using google dns, or tunlr open dns?

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In a small network dns changes are not much of an issue, bt using google dns have the advantage of quicker names resolver response since google have dns servers almost near you than any other dns providers.

Again, nat on your case increase hop count, bt for simplicity, l would remove it. That way all pcs get one ip address range from one dhcp server and might aid you in troubleshooting should you face problems with yo network.
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Ok so for the ZOL WiMAX that was not a problem.  Now the way it works is ZOL WAN IP Address and then the NAT is done on the indoor unit with the wireless in bridge mode.
On my Econet indoor IX256 device I am going to have to tinker around a little bit to see if i can change the setting.

Then finally for DNS... I have opted to go google dns for work related stuff and use tunlr.net so i can continue to watch my favorite tv shows that do not stream out of the USA or UK.
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Even at isp level, they still use nat for all there customers unless a special request is made by a customer to have public ip address and the request will involve money changing hands.

So generally you nat yo pcs inside yo network, bt then you ar still inside your big isp private network which will have to nat you again to access international gateways and networks.
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Carrier grade nat is different from home nat.  So with that respect I have eliminated that.  As for the public ip connection thats strictly for work now so am going to leave as was configured by the isp.
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What is the range of ip address you are getting from your work?
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Thus good then.
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