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I would like to reach out to the majority of Zimbabweans by marketing my products online and so I am kindly asking for any ideas on which websites I should post my adverts to. I know classifieds.co.zw, dipleague.zol.co.zw, tengesa.com. I would like to add on to this list. Thank you in advance.

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I think you have covered them all, well at least the ones i know, but not knowing exactly what products your selling you can also try www.car.co.zw, autoguide.co.zw, board.classifieds1000.com/Zimbabwe.
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By 'in Zim', do you mean hosted in Zim or developed in Zim?

Anyways here's a list of sites accessible to Zimbos

Social Media:
e.g. Facebook, Google Plus

Get featured on zim blogs or better, do your own blog and promote the stuff yourself.

e.g. Google Adwords and other advertising platforms

A holistic approach covering all of these platforms will achieve better results. Look at your target market, which sites do they visit often? How do they use the internet (mobile/desktop) etc and then strategise.

Remember (as an overly simplified example), people do not type in "amazon.com/buy/red-honda-scooter" rather, they google "red honda scooter" and then take it from there.
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