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Ever since this activity prize thing started on TA i have noticed an alarming number of "silly" or un helpful posts to answers that go back as far as two years.  Clearly this is a bid to boost activity points and get the prizes.

Unfortunately it seems the mods are too busy to go through each question and remove extra comments or lock old questions.

Examples are "use google" , or after 2 other people say what you are trying to do is not possible two years ago someone will say "its impossible" .  Then other responses like "i dont know"

a pity that while i believe this could be a great knowledge base it really is getting abused for airtime and t shirts!  IMHO
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in my opinion it was best to name & shame them! abuse must never be tolerated

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I agree wth u but still believe if techzim didn't want that, they could have dealt with it long back.
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Agree with both of you. I had the same thoughts and gave up telling people to use Google. Since the competition started, the quality of content and worthwhile answers has declined at the expense of posts from the graveyard and very, very silly and lazy questioning... all for points.

With Google, you dont even have to think. It actually helps you figure your question even if you cant word it right... and then it answers!

So I thought of also ranting about it but thought, "hey...they probably want this". Exactly like ayastos So left it.

It greatly degrades content value and subsequently ranking

All the repeated questions can be found better answered elsewhere. Unique and Zim questions have now been drowned by the rush to get points for the sake of it.

And then there's questions that are not questions... (like this one lol). But where else would you try to make a point.
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i believe Techzim should just hide the acticity feed reasons  being that we need answers and not "yes" and "nos". Lately i've seen seeing crazy questions, repeat questions, identical answers etc in order to boost their weekly or monthly points. This is a "help ZOne" not an airtime generating or tshirt winning contest. The moderators should only avail T shirts and airtime privately to the desrving guys. People love free things and in doing so i feel and see the quality of this forum going down. If you say im lying..check your servers for activities since you started the free give aways. You will see a quadriple of answers  most of them meaningless. Please moderators look into this matter and decide on way foward.
Don't know if my eyes were playing tricks on me but i just saw someone select they're own answer as the best! Those must be some mighty fine tshirts! I might stop lurking and get in on the action too!
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Thank you for the feedback. We are pulling the widget and realigning how we encourage more activity on the site. Let me assure you though that that's not what we intended. The intention was to encourage more answers and quality ones at that, but this wasn't the best of methods as people ended up gaming it.

We are in the process of changing the site significantly so it becomes more useful to more people, and some content lately definitely hasn't been more useful for the most of you.

And thanks for even more feedback in the answers to this post.
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Make this site more like Yahoo Answers. A user should not be allowed to answer their own question (this means no more choosing your own answer as the best. The purpose of the forum is to get helpful answers not just gaining points and high rankings)
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I agree with you, some users are abusing this site. The reputation of this site is now ****** **. It has become a kiddies playground.
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