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Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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For more questions and answers on biNu why not visit here:http://answers.techzim.co.zw/tag/binu

This is an app that gives basic mobile feature phones fast, cheap and easy access to Internet services and apps.

biNu is more like an interface that consists about thirty apps namely; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Translate, Google Search, News, Social, Messenger, Worldreader Books, biNu Cricket, biNu Football, Chat, Classifieds, Email, Flaschat, Games, Friends, Media, Mill & Boon, News Feed, Quiz, Surveys, Tavoom, Holy Bible, Holy Quran, Voicechat, Weather, Wikipedia, Wordnik, biNu beats.

Advantages of using biNu
•    SPEED – this platform has been designed to deliver instant user response times whenever possible, even on low-end mobile devices running on 2G (GPRS/EDGE) networks.  biNu apps run much faster than browser-based apps and hence appear to be running on the handset.
•    biNu has got a Simple Intuitive User Interface – biNu users use, simple, efficient user navigation using the mobile device keypad, soft-keys and shortcuts
•    Network Efficiency – biNu Server uses smart network and data management utilizing proprietary protocols resulting in substantially reduced bandwidth usage and cost.
•    Instant messaging
Other Advantages include
•    Handset Support – biNu apps run on almost all handsets available in the world today, even low-end mass market devices running on slower networks.
•    Automatic Device Adaption – the biNu Client user interface automatically adapts to each device
•    Dynamic and Flexible – biNu apps only need to be downloaded and installed on the handset once.  Apps and content can be modified or updated independent of the handset.  This is because the application doesn’t actually run on the phone – it runs on a web server.
•    “Push” Data Updates – biNu Platform allows true “push” capability to update on-screen data without need for user-requested refresh, for example live stock prices and live sports scores updated on screen
•    Multilingual Support – biNu Server uses server-side processing and screen rendering which enables text display in multiple languages and scripts, irrespective of the pre-installed languages on the mobile device
•    Fast Application Development – biNu apps can be hosted anywhere on the Internet and developed using any technologies  as long as they deliver end-user content to the biNu Service in XML format that conforms to the biNu schema
•    Re-purpose Existing Web Content – existing online content and services can easily and quickly be converted into compelling mass market mobile biNu applications
Despite all the advantages, biNu icons and display is not that intriguing.

Why should one use biNu when WhatsApp is "free"?
1. biNu is FREE to use, and NO annual subscription is payable
2. biNu sends more than IMs, but also sends "pure" SMS
3. Receipient of your SMS DOES NOT need to have biNu in order to receive SMS, but with WhatsApp the other person needs the application also
4. biNu sends SMS using what we term "biNu Credits", where 1 local SMS costs 1 credit and 1 international (anywhere in the world) costs 2 credits
5. You can only access/log in to WhatsApp from ONE handset with your mobile number, whereas biNu allows you to access your account from ANY handset or even the computer
6. biNu gives you more than IMs, but is a content driven platform, where Users can other services
7. biNu credits are available for purchase in Zimbabwe through various points
8. biNu is available for Feature Phones and Android phones as well
9. biNu does all the processing for applications in the "cloud" and hence uses 10x less data
10. biNu Credits are valid for a FULL year
11. biNu has a local (Zimbabwean) presence, so if you need help and support you can get it locally

Local Mobile Networks
biNu works well on all local mobile networks( Telecel, Eco and Netone) in Zimbabwe

biNu has established a currency on the application, that allows Users to pay for services that are on offer.
Currently biNu Credits cost as little as 2c ($1 for 50) and are valid for 1 year!
Our main service that you can use Credits for at the moment are "Premium SMS", where a User can send a local (1 biNu Credits) or international (2 biNu Credits) message.
Credits can be purchased at various locations around the country as well as through Ecocash, with more mobile payment options coming soon. Look out for our biNu Credits Logo in and around your city/town.

You can place a bet on your favourite Zimbabwean soccer team and use your biNu Credits for it.

How to buy biNu Credits in Zimbabwe
It seems that there are three ways of buying biNu Credits in Zimbabwe:
•    You can buy Credits using Ecocash, to see how follow this link: http://goo.gl/Z6MVtz
•    They can be bought from any CABS brnch and
•    From any EASI points (from Chicken Inn food outlets)

How To Download biNu
Androids: http://goo.gl/IjuY8P
Java: http://goo.gl/GaevoU
Symbian: http://goo.gl/RkEJgR
Nokia: http://goo.gl/gMwisI
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