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I want to host a site in Zim, Can some1 provide contact details of a hosting provider or better, send me a quote.

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does it have to be specifically Windows because on features Linux hosted servers tend to provide value for your money, more features and flexibility than Windows?
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I am not sure about any web hosts in Zimbabwe. From my personal experience i would suggest you with http://www.xnynz.com/  . This web host offers a  top notch hosting service at affordable cost with 24x7 customer support. Hosting plans starts from just $1.99/mo from here. It would be a good deal for you to sign up with them today.
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I am giving you the web address of the website, please contact and make sure they'll help you out. I have heard a lot about them, so i think it will be good for you to get hosting for windows from them.
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Do you want IIS hosting or a dedicated server?
If you want IIS hosting there is many providers such as webdev.co.zw
If you want a dedicated server i do not think there is any cost effective option in Zimbabwe and you will have to look internationally
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Check out the best Web hosting providers, Reviews and Comparison here - http://www.hostingcharges.in

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