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This is highly dependent on your location and the applications / services you need to run.

Uptime : - VSAT is less prone to downtime as there are no issues such as fiber cuts/breaks etc.  But remember weather can be an issue and for every 9 you add after 99.x% you are more than likely to add an extra zero to your cost.  Also to get past the weather issue you would need a bigger satellite and probably C-Band equipment which can retail for more than $6000 (check africom)

Latency : - VSAT signals go from site to space : space to hub : hub to internet round trip time is about 600ms to 1s.  Fibre on the other hand is limited by end to end equipment i.e. the signal in the fiber travels at the speed of light its just how quickly either end can encode and decode the signal. Latency can be as low as 1ms.

Bandwidth : - Fiber is a no limit solution (really a function of the dollars you have) VSAT does have limitations due to the frequency.

Installation : Fiber installs are from $0 (ZOL) to as much as $250k depending on your location.  VSAT installs are generally static with the only variable as mileage and travel and subsistence for the install team
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depending on the location and budget...vsat is very expensive compared to fibre. I would recommend fibre for these reasons. A wired connection is more stable than wireless and generally the transmission speed is faster on wired connections. But for those places were you need to catch a bus then ride a cart then donkeys then walk yah vsat is most likely your only option, though it will cost an arm and a leg
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