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A little background
In the past I have used devices that have single port forwarding which has worked fine for me.

I know have a device that only has port range forwarding.
I have 4 Devices that have a service that runs on port 3000 connected to my modem.  When I access my public IP I want to be able to access all four devices.

If I have a public IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Device 1 - Port 3000->3000 -
Device 2 - Port 3001->3001 -
Device 3 - Port 3002 ->3002
Device 4 - Port 3003 ->3003

when I try to connect to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3002 from the internet  will it open port 3000 on the LAN side on
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Have you got any firewall between yo lan and internet? You need to open those ports if you have one because by default the firewall blocks anything from outside.

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You need to configure your firewall to do the nating and map ports to ip addresses. Unless if you have 4 public addresses
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Virtual Server Settings
Virtual Server Settings   
IP Address     XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, eg:
Port Range    -     1~65535)
The maximum rule count is 10.

The above is what i see. So my question is if i put port 3001 as an external port will it automatically open all the internal ports on the said ip address.
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Current Virtual Servers in system:
No.    IP Address    Port Range    Protocol    Comment
 1     3001 - 3001     TCP + UDP     Device1
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Yes it should connect.
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ok thanks will test and confirm
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