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Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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What sort of knowledge? Business? Tech?
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Either or both there is no problem if you can help on how it can be used in achieving goals, performance and competitive advantage in a telecommunication organization.
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well thats a vague question, so here is a vague answer

it depends on the type of "knowledge" that is gained

from a most basic principles, a telco can use the knowledge of where the majority of its customers are based to guide them in where they need to expand there infrastructure most urgently and thus capture more customers and make more money

or it could use the data of where calls are routed to other networks and which are most popular and work on getting deals with other providers so that they can maximise profit/revenue

the answers to this question are potentially endless, its a vague question that will never have one definitive answer ultimately

in summary - knowledge should direct your actions or focus or refine your activities depending on the data you look at and capture - this is why business analysts have a job1
Thank you, it does help that which you have said.
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