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Facebook App review

Keeping up with friends is faster than ever when using Facebook app.It allows you to do the following:
• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Text, chat and have group conversations
• Play games and use your favorite apps

Facebook works a lot like other apps that came pre-loaded on your iPhone (i.e. iPod, iTunes, etc.). The bottom black nav-bar allows you to switch between functions.
Home: A summary page that keeps you up to date on your friends.
Your profile: A simplified version of your profile page that allows you to view your wall, photos, mini-feed and personal information.

Friends: A searchable list of your friends, allowing you to easily locate your secret crush’s profile (assuming she’s your friend).
Chat: A mobile version of Facebook chat that operates like iChat and the iPhone’s SMS program.
Inbox: Allows you to view, reply to and compose Facebook messages with ease.
Additional features include photo viewing, which allows you to flick through photos rather than clicking on links to move through albums. The photo system also integrates a unique comment feature, allowing you to reply to and follow running commentary about your ridiculous haircut. Or about why you’re jumping around like a ballerina.
If u were used to  check Facebook obsessively,with  time, the novelty should wore off and opening Facebook's app to check photos, links and posts from friends turned into a chore.
Those photos, links and posts  automatically come to the screen when you turn on the phone. You can see friends' musings scroll by, as photos they've chosen to highlight take up the entire screen in the background. A new one appears every seven seconds.

It's as if Facebook has taken over the phone's prime real estate and pushed Foursquare, email, weather, YouTube and my alarm clock to the slums. The Facebook chat function is smooth and enjoyable.
Facebook has no current plans to bring Home to the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows devices. That's because Google makes Android available on an open-source basis, free for anyone to modify, so it's easier to make changes.
Right from the home screen, you see the things your friends are sharing on Facebook. Not interested in what Dave has to say? There's Mary replacing him in seven seconds, and Jennifer replacing her seven seconds later. Mixed in are posts from some of the groups you follow. Facebook says you'll eventually get ads there, too.
It is easy to use .You can also easily upload photos taken on your phone, or others that you may have previously had on your phone’s photo library (although there is no mechanism for managing those photos once uploaded).
Facebook calls this the Cover Feed,u will hardly have time to digest a post before a new one appears, and in many cases you will see only the first several words in a post, hardly enough to convey a thought. The good news is that you can pause the stream and view the full post at any time by tapping the screen. In doing so, you can comment on a post or hit a "like" button. The scrolling stream continues with another tap.
As the text of your friend's post appears, you'll see in the background the person's cover photo, the large image your friend chooses to display at the top of his or her profile page.
It gives notifications ,for example,has someone written on my wall? Commented on my posted item? Have I been tagged in new photos?.
In fact, a closer look at the “Home” tab exposes it as nothing more than a list of my friends’ most recent status updates. One of my friends “is sleepy.” Another “is in need of a vacation from everyone.
 It offers a newsfeed that shows me recent friend updates and notifications, there is also an events tab and the site also lets me know of new friend requests .

To get to those other things, you drag a circle with your profile photo to one of three buttons. One gets you Facebook's messenger app, which lets you chat just like Chat Heads. Another gets you the menu of apps on your phone, including the app for making calls. A third is supposed to take you to the most recently used app, though it's hit or miss whether it's actually the last app I used.

An effective and easy to use tool for chatting with Facebook friends, responding to messages on-the-go, and viewing walls.
Free downloads for facebook apps:
 Facebook app for Nokia………………….. http://goo.gl/mMNdAf
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