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Candy crush saga
Game features:
•    Delicious graphics that will make you feel hungry
•    Merry gameplay
•    A master level for pros
•    Over 100 tasty levels
•    Ratings
•    Items that you get with your progress through levels
•    Synchronized with Facebook
I have become addicted to Candy Crush Saga game , at first I used to play it on internet and I didn’t manage to play the full game,but later on I realized that candy crush saga was integrated with Facebook. To my big surprise I saw many of my  friends play it already on Facebook and some had send me invites,from there playing candy crush saga has become my hobby when I am free at home.
This review will help you know this game very well ,and get started with this entertaining game , either on your laptop ,ipad or your smartphone.
Candy Crush is endlessly addictive. I have seen people get angry just at the thought of being dragged into the craze, the anguish, the tears… and Candy Crush Saga, the app variation of the browser based Candy Crush, has taken over the lives of many.

Candy Crush Saga is a variation on games like Bejewled, where you have to match three like pieces to make them disappear and move forward. There are five different types of levels; Moves, which limits the number of moves you have to complete a puzzle, Jelly, which encases pieces in jelly that you have to chip away, Ingredients, where special unmatchable pieces are needed to score points, Time Limited, which is obvious, and Candy Order, where players must collect a specific number of candies using a set number of moves.
Getting started
It is very easy to play. Just switch and match the candies. The game starts easy but as you go through the next level, it gets more challenging. This is not very easy to master and that’s what makes this game interesting. What’s more, there charms as well as boosters which can help you in going through the challenging level and you will get items to unlock when you complete levels.
And in the latest update of the game, there are already 185 levels! Sweet, isn’t it? There are also new features which you are really going to enjoy like new challenging blocker and the cute characters that are now visible on the map and they will cheer you on.
If you do not have this colorful, sweet and amazing game on your phone, I think it’s the right time to download it now. See how Candy Crush Saga can entertain you!
The higher the level, the greater the difficulty, and there are 350 levels in total.
This game will certainly keep you busy. It’s a sweet game and you’ll enjoy each level of it.
You can play alone or with friends and have fun beating each other’s scores in the leaderboards.
Just the look of this game is already delicious. The colors are really sweet. When playing, you’d feel like you are in a candy world. The candy graphics are drooling and you will always crave for more.

That’s a lot of candy matching. The game can become frustrating at points, the kind of frustrating that makes you want to give up, not actually try to get better. That’s the problem with Candy Crush; as easy as it is to pick up, once you hit a wall, it’s just as easy to toss away and never want to look at again.

Still, a free game is a free game, and for that, it might be worth a few hours of gameplay until you get fed up. If you love that kind of challenge, though, this might be the kind of game you’ve been looking
Free Downloads for Candy Crush game
For nokia Symbian…………………………… http://goo.gl/YSScr5
For blackberry…………………………………… http://goo.gl/1b3oWO
For android phones ………………………………. http://goo.gl/IWwk6u
For windows phone…………………………………. http://goo.gl/RDhEVI
For iphone ………………………………………………… http://goo.gl/G1AmFk
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