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So we have strange issue of hijacking
One of our users on the network (Here at Techzim) started seeing hijacked ads on our site. See our ads are served by Google Doubleclick, so what was happening is that the ads would load normally and then seconds after, the ads would get replaced by something else from ads.yahoo.com. This would just happen on Google Chrome i.e. all other browsers didn't have the problem. An reinstallation of Chrome fixed the problem but we never really put our finger on what exact thing was causing the issue. even upon checking the source of an affected pagee, or checking the list of extensions.

The problem resurfaced with another PC at the office and we have not cleaned it yet in hopes it will help us find the source.

Now the worrying thing is it has happened to another guy on a different network and we're starting to wonder just how widespread the problem is.
We have scanned the site and its very very clean.

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I cannt pin the real name of the culprit bt l kinda know you problem. Its very common with and favoured by porn ads pushers.

"Spybot search and destroy" used to fix and remove such spyware bt l havent used it in a very long time eversince l switch to linux. You might want to give it a try  or look for similar software.

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