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I was reading an article on technet and stumbled on the following
"SMB Multichannel allows file servers to use multiple network connections simultaneously and provides the following capabilities:

Increased throughput. The file server can simultaneously transmit more data using multiple connections for high speed network adapters or multiple network adapters.
Network Fault Tolerance. When using multiple network connections at the same time, the clients can continue to work uninterrupted despite the loss of a network connection.
Automatic Configuration: SMB Multichannel automatically discovers the existence of multiple available network paths and dynamically adds connections as required.

A light bulb went of in my head and I thought to myself hmmm if there is something similar in Linux maybe I can use it to solve my multi connection problem of changing links manually.  I have two wireless nics on my laptop, one usb and one internal)

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you can do all of that with any linux version pretty much - linux is mostly a more manual setup compared to windows though

if your looking for enterprise (and therefore paid) versions of linux - then you want to look at Red Hat Enterprise Linux (its what CentOS is based on)

SMB multichannel is known as port bonding in linux and all versions of linux support it

multipath IO is what dynamic adding of multiple paths is called in linux - its primarily for ISCSI connections to gain failover/redundancy of links
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